Billy, don't be AN HERO (feedums) wrote in justaddtrumpets,
Billy, don't be AN HERO

Hello. These here are The Rules to which you must all conform.

- Make your posts friends only. This is not because we're afraid of the fun police, it's because we want lots of members and feel WANTED.

- DON'T offend your fellow community-members. Unless you suspect they're secretly Peaches Geldof, in which case by all means, do it.

- Tag your posts with the name of the hipster slag you're posting (par exemple: "cory kennedy").

- Try not to promote communities/websites that have fuck-all to do with us.

- In case you're posting an 'explicit' picture, post it behind a cut that says "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) and tag it "adult".

- If you're going to stick up for one of the people slagged off on this community, please state your reasons in an articular fashion. Full paragraphs consisting of swear words or comments such as "STFU SHES KEWL KK" are not going to convince anyone with a brain that you might be on to something.

- POST LULZY PICTURES. It's common knowledge that LiveJournal hate posts aren't nearly as amusing if they do not include at least one horribly unflattering picture of one horribly unflattering person.

Thank you ever so kindly.

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