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"He didn't even have the decency to put trumpets on it, like Mark does."

Vote Death To Hipster It-Girls
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the scene/hipster hate community

Oh, hello.

This here's a community that promotes hatred towards the "It Girls"
that are currently glorified by hipster idiots.
Pure, intense, unadulterated hatred.

If you are tired of reading the following press statements/headlines:

"Geldof sisters kicked out of London nightclub"
"Mature teenager Daisy Lowe..."
"Agyness, watch your back: an interview with Britain's new style icon, Alexa Chung"

...you are in luck, because we do, too.

Like any community run by ruthless bastards,
we too have certain rules to which you must obey.
Are they very hard to comprehend? No.
Will we think you're a chump and forever hold a grudge
against you if you choose to ignore our orders? Quite so.
You can find these rules HERE.

If anyone bothered to read all of this, there's only two things left to say:
1) We apologize.
2) Have fun!

PS. You may also slag off Mark Ronson. Just because.

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